Orlando, May 18th 2020


How technology can help you to
set up a 6 Feet Office concept

In the middle of this huge transformation, everybody is trying to find out what is next. Although video conferencing systems are keeping the businesses alive, sometimes face-to-face collaboration is mandatory for increasing productivity and get the job done. For this reason, many companies are working hard to create new strategies for reopening their offices reducing the Covid-19 contamination risk.

Among the many strategies, Cushman & Wakefield has prepared a very interesting proposal for the 6 Feet Office Concept. If your company is thinking about reopening its workplaces as soon as possible, we strongly recommend reading the following article: 6 FEET OFFICE

However, an important subject was missed: technology. In order to reorganize the workplace you also need to count on smart scheduling solutions. After the “great confinement” (as IMF is calling the Covid-19 Pandemic), the offices will change forever.
According to Rafael Tonelli, Founder of Skedway, the new Office is going to be a “Meeting Point”, with less space and more technology. A place for collaboration, creativity, and Branding experience.

For this reason, we have created Skedway three years ago, because we believe in a future where people work anywhere, improving the quality of life. Offices must be a place for improving serendipity.

For Tonelli Skedway is the most complete, smart, and affordable solution available today. Offering subscription plans for small, medium and large companies Skedway is the only Space Management Platform completely free for small businesses.
Our goal is to help companies to reopen its offices in a safer and smarter way.

Find out how Skedway can do for your company at www.skedway.com

Post Author: Rafael Tonelli