Stand for Skedway

Skedway SK8 - Included mount

All Skedway SK8 comes with fixed support exclusively designed to occupy a minimum space in any entrance, it being installed in wall, glass or in a standard eletric box 4: 2


The SK8 Slim stand pedestal brings design and elegance to your company. It is designed to take up minimal space without interfering with people’s flow.

ELO's Pole Stands • Shelf Mount • Flip Stand

The Elo Pole Stands mount allows a variaty diferents hights for all kind of necessity, as a POS terminal or a floor stand for rooms.
The Elo shelf mount allows for strategic placement of the touchscreen monitors next to products to initiate an interactive experience, create endless aisle and enable self-service.
The Elo flip stand design seamlessly converts the employee facing cash register to a customer facing display to promote loyalty programs and payment methods or even a kiosk where customers can use self-service.

Stands for Touchspaces

Apek Arise

With a unique design, the new motorized Apek Arise ™ stand allows a entire ergonomic usege for the most varied applications and anatomy studies. With an advanced mechanical system, activated by remote control, the new Arise ™ allows a silent and precise transition between the positions of use.

In addition, Arise ™ is today the lightest and most portable pedestal on the market, making it easy to move equipment between rooms quickly and without
too much effort.

APEK Spiderwheel

Montado em posição kiok seu Touchspaces terá a versatilidade dos rodízios podendo ser levado à qualquer lugar. Leve, fácil de mover, sem fios aparentes e com suporte para caneta e apagador.

APEK Convertible stand 3 em 1

With the Convertible Stand (3 in 1) it is possible to position your Touchspace in 3 positions that best suit you, be it in kiosk mode (standing) to maximize visibility in a meeting room, in tilt desk mode for better ergonomics or in flat table mode where everyone will have access.

APEK montagem em parede (Wall mount)

The Wall Mount stand is the most robust, being able to support Apek’s Touchspaces displays up to 65 “. It has a 400×400 standard with simple and easy installation.