The most powerful,
complete and innovative space
management platform, ever.

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It’s time to change your way
of using office spaces

With Skedway you will be able to optimize your office usage, facilitating home office activities, saving space and money. Increase your employees quality life with less transportation time and less carbon emission. It’s time to make the difference!

Meeting room Booking

Skedway empowers your current scheduling system with new amazing features. Book your meeting rooms like never before. Taste the best scheduling experience using our Web Console, Room Display and Mobile Apps.

Desk Booking

Change your way of using work stations. With Skedway Desk Booking you can optimize your office usage, reducing Real Estate investments and workspace density. Check-in using QR codes or Beacons.

How does it work?

Skedway works anywhere, in any device, with or without Office 365 and G-Suite, according to your office and employees preferences. You may choose among many touch displays or even, just use a QRCode sticker on your desk or room. With Skedway you are completely free.

Skedway Web.
Available in any browser next to you.

Have instant access to all basic and advanced features of skedway in a single place. With special filters and the exclusive “Intersection Calendar” engine, you will be able to setup meetings  in seconds, like no other tool.

Skedway analytics.
Information in real time.

The greatest value of Skedway is to give you real information about what is happening in your spaces. With the right information you can save money with real estate. Stop wasting important resources because you don’t have enough information. Skedway is a game changer.

Take absolute control over your spaces.
Manage policies and rules instantly.

For having real control over your spaces you need to determine all the rules. Only with Skedway you can set policies for almost anything you want. Your place has to follow your rules.


With Skedway you can set permission levels for scheduling rooms, allowing each user to have access compatible with their function.


Never waste space, limitating room scheduling according to the number of seats available. Define
your rules and manage your business.


Setup system permissions by creating specific groups.
Control what users can see or access. Keep personal information protected by roles


Control how your spaces are being used by applying sectorization and budget balance for each one. Be more efficient.

Room Display App.
Check-in your way.
Go far beyond the basics.

With Skedway Room Display App you go beyond the basics, exploring amazing features. Check-in via Apple bording pass choose the best day for your meeting by using Chart Calendar.

Boarding pass check-in

Use a QRCode boarding pass
for visitors and employees.
Easy check-in

Chart Calendar

With Chart Calendar is easier to find the perfect day for a meeting.
Book your space in seconds.

Issue Report

Now users can report space issues directly from the Room Display App. Optimize your maintenance processes and be more efficient.

Skedway Mobile App.
Innovation everywhere.

Find your favorite space instanlty. Setup a new meeting with your team in seconds. Interact with physical spaces using QR Codes, in real time.

Check-in though QR Code.
Your device is your key.

With Skedway you don’t need fancy displays in every meeting room or work position. Just print a QR Code sticker and let Skedway App finish the job.

All your calendars
at the same place.

When you use Skedway App nothing else is necessary. Check all your agendas (corporate and personal) at the same place.

Find your favorite
spaces at a glance.

Use filters and other special features to find the space you need. Bookmark your favorites for next time.

Beacon Check-in

Now Skedway is compatible with Beacons.
Use your mobile to check-in automatically in all spaces where you have a bluetooth device installed.
Works with Elo touch, Philips and SK8 Room Displays natively.

Skedway Outlook Add-in.
Empowering your actual
scheduling experience.

If you are used to schedule meetings in Microsoft Outlook, with Skedway you don’t have to change your way of working. With the Skedway Add-in you can have extra features, with filters and other tools for speed up your room booking.

Absolutely amazing!

Presenting the word’s first interactive bulletin board integrated to a space management system. Your company’s internal digital communication now is visible in the real world.

Interactive bulletin board.
Innovative, disruptive.

Share texts, articles, images, videos, responsive graphics, PDF documents and Youtube® videos instantly. Stop wasting time and money with regular bulletin boards and printing papers.

Real time 3D maps.
Your space usage at a glance.

The availability and schedule of your rooms together with the indoor location system to guide your users and guests. Don’t waste time looking for where the next meeting will be.

Skedway Timetable
Your meetings, just in time.

With Skedway Timetable your visitors and employees will be able to find a meeting or a free room on a big display at the lobby. Compatible with any Windows, Android, MacOS and Linux player.

They are not just customers. They are visionaries.